Perfect Obedience 2014

The fictional Father Ángel de la Cruz is based on Legion of Christ founder Marcial Maciel, whose long history of child abuse was not addressed until 2006 and only publicly acknowledged in 2009. But director Luis Urquiza chooses to structure his film through the largely uncomprehending, wondering eyes of 13-year-old Julián, who travels from the arms of his loving pastoral family into the austere, hallowed halls of the seminary. Singling out the boy as his intimate disciple, installing him in his palatial private quarters and redubbing him “Sacramento Santos,” Father Ángel begins Julian’s instruction into the mysteries of “perfect obedience,” whose cardinal rule is: Never question a superior’s actions.

La dictadura perfecta 2014

TV MX, the most powerful Mexican Television Corporation, discloses a scandalous story involving Governor Carmelo Vargas in serious crimes and illicit business. Governor Vargas worried about his political future, decides to clean his image and negotiates a billionaire secret agreement with the owners of the TV Corporation. Carlos Rojo, an ambitious young news producer, and Ricardo Diaz, TV network star reporter, are responsible for making a dirty campaign to change the image the public has of the corrupt Governor and make him, at any cost, a political star and a great presidential candidate. Mexican Television believes that democracy is a farce and has already placed one President... Will they do it again?

Doña Perfecta 1951

Director Alejandro Galindo directs the legendary Delores Del Rio in a classic drama from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema that portrays political change in Mexico through the microcosm of one family struggling with tradition in a time of change. Liberal farmer Pepe has arrived in Santa Fe to visit his aunt, Dona Perfecta. While he's there, Pepe is eager to teach the traditional-minded townspeople a new way of living. Unfortunately for Pepe the people of Santa Fe aren't eager to embrace change, and when the citizens begin to voice resentment Pepe is forced to seek refuge with his sympathetic aunt. Dona Perfecta is just as traditional as any of the other townspeople though, and only suffers Pepe due to the fact that he is family. When Pepe and his cousin Rosario fall deeply in love, the situation quickly comes to a head.

Perfect Drug 2012

An attempted robbery goes awry. In vain gangsters try to calm their Albanese boss. Meanwhile one of them can't resist taking a mysterious drug. The consequences are disastrous.

The Perfect Backpack 2014

An ecologist from Germany and her filmmaker daughter who lives in Argentina meet in Cuba to film a documentary on snails. The mother has worked for years helping her colleagues in Cuba protect the polymita picta snails, which are facing extinction. She has her own ideas on how to make the documentary and the daughter follows her lead. However, when the authorities ban the shooting, the course of the film changes: it is no longer about the snails, but they themselves become the protagonists.

The Perfect Couple 1991

As a child, Francisco (Sebastian Ligarde) was violently tortured by his mother. Now a happily married man, everyone in the neighborhood thinks he and his beautiful wife (Lorena Herrera) are the perfect couple. But think again! Francisco is actually living a double life and the dark half is a sadistic and perverse serial killer.

The Perfect Time 2009

Héctor wants to have a normal day, in which neither his mom, friends or university classmates realize that he has broken up with his girlfriend Paula after five years of relationship.

The Perfect Lover 1976

A movie actress is being raped by an admirer in the night of the release of her last movie. But instead of accusing the man she begins to fall in love with him.

The Perfect Nanny 2000

Upon her release from a mental institution where she was recovering from a suicide attempt, Andrea McBride (Tracy Nelson) applies for the position of nanny for a handsome, wealthy surgeon, Dr. James Lewis (Bruce Boxleitner), a widower with two children. Another applicant is hired, but she dies in an accident and Andrea gets the job after all, excelling and quickly becoming part of the family. Then Lewis' girlfriend, Dr. Julia Bruning (Susan Blakely), is mysteriously killed. When his boss (Charles Glenn) tells Lewis of impending cutbacks at the hospital, the boss is murdered. Meanwhile, Lewis' teenaged daughter Fawn (Dana Barron) begins piecing together the history of the new nanny and discovers that Andrea may be responsible for these and other killings -- but Fawn had better hurry, because the slayings are getting closer to home

The Good Nanny 2017

When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad little girl named Sophie, she soon starts to suspect something is very wrong with the beautiful, wealthy couple who call themselves her parents.

10 1979

A Hollywood songwriter goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes infatuated with a sexy blonde newlywed.

The Perfect Family 2011

Kathleen Turner stars as suburban mother and devout Catholic Eileen Cleary, who has always kept up appearances. When she runs for the Catholic Woman of the Year title at her local parish, her final test is introducing her family to the board for the seal of approval. Now she must finally face the nonconformist family she has been glossing over for years...

Slingshot 2005

Two cunning and manipulative drifters venture into Farifield County, Connecticut looking to seduce wealthy and lonely housewives.

The Perfect Match 2016

Terrence J. stars as Charlie, a playboy who's convinced that relationships are dead. His two best friends, Donald Faison and Robert C. Riley, bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he's bound to get attached. Charlie denies this until he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious Eva, played by singer/actress Cassie. They may agree to a casual affair, but eventually Charlie is questioning whether he may actually want more.

La mujer perfecta

La mujer perfecta is a Venezuelan telenovela created by Leonardo Pardón and produced by Venevisión. Mónica Spear and Ricardo Álamo star as the main protagonists with Ana Karina Manco and Jean Carlo Simancas playing the main antagonists. Marlene De Andrade, Marisa Román, Flavia Gleske and Mariaca Semprum star as co-protagonists.

The Good Wife 2009

The Good Wife is a legal drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.

Ms. Perfect 2017

Sim Jae-Bok is married with two children. Due to hardships she went through, she has a wild temper. She gets involved in an unexpected case and begins to regain her true self.

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