The Ritual 2017

A group of college friends reunite for a trip to the forest, but encounter a menacing presence in the woods that's stalking them.

The Ritual 1996

Directed by Gore Verbinsky. Thirty minute short. Starring Clint Curtis (Max), Sebastian Vignieri (Andrew) and Branden Williams (Sol). "Fatman" played by Big Gene Rey.

The Rite 2011

Seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) reluctantly attends exorcism school at the Vatican. While he’s in Rome, Michael meets an unorthodox priest, Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), who introduces him to the darker side of his faith, uncovering the devil’s reach even to one of the holiest places on Earth.

The Ritual 2010

”Rytual” is a vividly illustrated record of the character's struggle with everyday activities. A sequence of overlapping interactions between a human and a dog often assumes a grotesque, comical form of intolerable compulsions. The short film raises a timid question about the complexity - or should we say imperfections - of human nature. Behaviors, gestures and habits of both the human and his dog show a far-reaching resemblance, while their mutual relationship is an unending cycle of everyday rituals. The character, entangled in the series of recurring events, unexpectedly discovers the terrifying animality of his own nature. This disturbing metamorphosis is interrupted by a sudden awakening. But was it merely a dream?

The Ritual 2009

A serial killer begins the process of grooming a protégé, until outside influences threaten to destroy their sadistic relationship.

The Ritual 1977

The film was set in 1920s and depicts a rural village in Karnataka, where a young widow—the daughter of a village scholar, who runs a local school—finds herself pregnant after being seduced by a teacher. While the girl remains unaware of the happenings within and around her, she is excommunicated by her father, who performs her funeral rites while she is still alive. The story is told from the perspective of young boy, who returns home as his school shuts down following the incident.

The Sculptor's Ritual 2009

A desperate art student joins with secret occultists to find success. But when he has everything he ever wanted, he is haunted by the demons he invited into his life. Craving normality, he fights to keep his dark past from the woman he loves

The Musgrave Ritual 1912

Reginald Musgrave’s maître d’hôtel has disappeared! Called to the rescue, Sherlock Holmes goes immediately to his friend, to inspect the premises. He finds a stolen jewel in the new maître d’hôtel’s jacket, and in a drawer, the brief, enigmatic words: the “Musgrave Ritual”. Seeking to elucidate their meaning, which soon turns into a veritable treasure hunt, he is led to one of the characters who has dark confessions to make... (

Hawkwind - The Space Ritual 2007

This is 5.1 surround sound audio mix of the classic Hakwind album of the same name The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London is a 1973 live double album recorded in 1972 by UK rock band Hawkwind. It is their fourth album, reached #9 in the UK album charts and briefly dented the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #179. The album was recorded during the tour to promote their Doremi Fasol Latido album, which comprises the bulk of this set. In addition, there are new tracks ("Born To Go", "Upside Down" and "Orgone Accumulator") and the songs are interspersed by electronic and spoken pieces making this one continuous performance The DVD was released as a bonus ot the remastered collectors CD issue of the albom

The Rite 1969

A judge in an unnamed country interviews three actors, together and singly, provoking them while investigating a pornographic performance for which they may face a fine. Their relationships are complicated: Sebastian, volatile, a heavy drinker, in debt, guilty of killing his former partner, is having an affair with that man's widow. She is Thea, high strung, prone to fits, and seemingly fragile, currently married to Sebastian's new partner, Hans. Hans is the troupe leader, wealthy, self-contained, and growing tired. The judge plays on the trio's insecurities, but when they finally, in a private session with him, perform the masque called The Rite, they may have their revenge.

The Everyday Ritual of Solitude Hatching Monkeys 2014

Layered and manually altered 16mm footage intertwines with the soundtrack and the narrative, presented through subtitles, to tell the story of a man who moves away from the sea to escape death by water. He soon finds himself alone when his co-workers go to the beach and never return. Society becomes a stranger and his imagination becomes his only friend. He dials a random number and a romantic conversation about loneliness and the absurdity of reality ensues. His world starts acquiring meaning as he realizes part-time-singer monkeys are running the show.

Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite 2015

There is an ancient ritual known to humankind for more than a hundred years...According to the legend, an ominous entity known as The Queen of Spades can be summoned by drawing a door and staircase on a mirror in the darkness, and by saying her name three times. The Queen of Spades gets her energy from reflective objects; she cuts locks of hair from those asleep, and those that see her go mad or die. Four teenagers decide to call The Queen of Spades as a joke. But when one of them dies of a sudden heart attack, the group realizes they are up against something inexplicable and deadly dangerous.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement - A Sabbath Assembly Ritual and Salon 2009

This is a video performance of their holiest ritual, the Sabbath Assembly, as recorded August 23, 2009 at The Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles CA. About 50% of the video is the ritual itself, consisting of recitations from their unique liturgy interspersed with vintage hymns. The text is read by original Process minister Sammy M Nasr and the songs are performed here by the band Sabbath Assembly (Jex Thoth, Imaad Wasif, Kevin Rutmanis and Dave Nuss - obviously taking their name from the ceremony itself). Following the ritual is a slideshow presentation on the church narrated by original Process member/author Timothy Wyllie and finally a Q&A interview with Timothy conducted by Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey. So while it's not a documentary exactly, you certainly learn about the history of the church, its practices, and get a good feel of what it was like to be a member.

Never Ending Space Ritual - History Of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. 2008

The History of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., told through a collection of rare live performances. Disk 1 tracks the band through their first decade from 1998 to 2007 telling the ongoing story through rare live videos including the very early rare footage. Featuring many special guests appearances from Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), Afrirampo, Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins), Yamazaki Maso (Masonna), Kuriyama Jun (ex Ox), etc. Disk 2 includes a historic performance of "La Novia" with Occitan queen of song Rosina De Peira, "Pink Lady Lemonade" medley of the many different versions from 1999 to 2007, the 2004 version of "Dark Star Blues", the 1999 version of "Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky (a.k.a. Blue Velvet Blues)" and exclusive interview with Kawabata Makoto. Also live clips of other AMT-related units like Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno, Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Acid Mothers Gong, Acid Mothers Guru Guru, etc.

The Lacey Rituals 1973

Bruce Lacey: 'People used to come and make documentaries about me, but they weren't interested in the day-to-day family life that I found extremely interesting and funny. So I decided to make that film myself. All the members of the family wrote down all the different day-to-day things that they wanted to be seen doing.'

Witchcraft: The Magick Rituals of the Coven 2011

The History and Craft of Modern Day Witches. Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations interviews Jeanette Ellis, lecturer on traditional British Witchcraft, member of PEBL, and author of "Forbidden Rites." Jeanette reveals the truth behind many aspects of Witchcraft.

The Imp 1996

Stunningly sexy Pan Dang plays a Hong Kong woman who's traveling in search of her twin sister, who disappeared leaving nothing more than a native doll, the eponymous imp. Along the way she hooks up with a mobile film crew. They discover that something isn't quite right with the boarding house in which they're staying.

Ritual 2002

Dr. Alice Dodgson gets her medical license revoked after the death of one patient. She's facing the possibility of not get any job when she accepts to be the nurse for one young man who suffers of cephallitis called Wesley Claybourne. Aside from the sickness he's suffering Wesley believes he has been "touched" by some voodoo cult. While she stays in Jamaica, Dr. Dodgson will feel uncomfortable as she discovers that voodoo is not only a "state of mind" and could be a real threat to her life and Wesley's. She'll have to discover why she and her patient are targets of the voodoo curse.

III 2015

A small European town, where sisters Ayia and Mirra live, gets struck down by an unknown disease which takes many lives. Following their mother's death, the younger sister falls ill. Having realized that conventional medicine is useless in the face of the sister's disease, Ayia seeks help from Father Herman, a parish priest and a close family friend. In his house she finds books that are very far from the conventional religion. She gets to know that only penetration into Mirra's sick subconscious mind and discovery of the true cause of her disease will give her a chance to save her sister. Ayia is ready to go through this terrifying ritual, dive into the depths of the subconscious mind, and face the demons residing there.

Rites of Passage 2012

An anthropology student takes some of his classmates to his family ranch, where his brother lives in a haze of drugs, guilt, and Chumash Indian rituals (

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