Auditions begin 2016.
A koala named Buster recruits his best friend to help him drum up business for his theater by hosting a singing competition.
Title Sing
Release Date 2016-11-23
Genres Animation Comedy Drama Family Music
Production Companies Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Dentsu, Fuji Television Network
Production Countries United States of America


QUALITY Featuring appealing covers of hit songs and an all-star cast, this cute animated comedy capitalizes on the craze for both talking-animal adventures and talent competitions. The movie may not have the substance of Inside Out or the overt messages of Zootopia, but, like Trolls, it's simple, with catchy pop music and jokes that are likely to make kids laugh. (Unlike Trolls, its take-aways aren't quite as thoroughly positive -- see below.) The musical numbers are by far the best part of the movie, including Jennifer Hudson-voiced renditions of "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight" to the piggy duet of "Shake It Off" (by Witherspoon and comedian Nick Kroll as a German boar called Gunter) to Kelly's show-stopping version of "Hallelujah." The music is what makes Sing worth the price of admission, because, story- and theme-wise, there are a few missteps that keep it from greatness. Like, say, the depiction of Rosita's home life. She does everything for her 25 piglets, and her burnt-out husband (Nick Offerman) barely registers her. He's so checked out that he doesn't notice when she sets up a Rube-Goldberg contraption to keep the household working when she can't secure a babysitter to participate in the contest. And then there's poor Johnny, who desperately wants his criminal father's approval. A child wanting a parent to see them shine is wonderful, but did they have to make the father in question a bank robber? But if what you want is a bubbly diversion you''l find yourself singing along to after the credits roll, then Sing hits the spot. Just don't think about it too hard.
**Music is the key!** It was one of the most watched trailer by me. Yeah, I liked the trailer and teaser, those beautiful songs and characters made me watch this film. Maybe because of that, I thought the trailers looked much better. I enjoyed the film, it had depth in characters than what I saw in the promotional videos. Though it is a simple story, and that worked so well. Its neither Disney or Pixer, but awesome. The good thing is the others as well getting there with par. It got nominated for the Golden Globe, but missed out the Oscars. A film for all ages. The musical is very common in animation, especially from Disney. This was a little different, a music genre. And the characters are the very special to this film to clinch the success. It could have been easily added to 'Zootopia' universe, since the two films are from different productions, that idea was ruled out. The selection of voice-over cast was excellent, particularly in the singing perspective. Recently Dwayne Johnson sang one for 'Moana'. I know the real life actors brought in for the marketing purpose, but anyway they all were so good. I liked a couple of tracks, but most of them are not original. Even the theme song from 'Zootopia' by Shakira had a small part in it. So this film is surely suggestible for anyone to try at any time in any mood. It only cheers, definitely worth spending time for it. Now bring it on a sequel. As per the latest news, they have announced which is going to hit the screen in 2020. That looks too long, I need it even before that. Meanwhile, you guys enjoy it if you'ven't watched it yet. _8/10_

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