Girl Detective Club

Girl Detective Club 1986

Our heroine has been kidnapped and her two somewhat ditzy friends decided to save her in a war machine they found in her house. Unfortunately they have little idea of how it works so let the random destruction begin.

Mr. Ando of the Woods

Mr. Ando of the Woods

A short animation made entirely by Voice Actor Takashi Taniguchi, the video gained popularity on the internet. A penguin named Ando protects the forest and its animal inhabitants from the evil humans (or the "cancer of the Earth" as one sign in The Animal House reads). However, some of the animals suspect that Ando himself may be a human.

20 Days of Love

20 Days of Love 1991

Unfinished at the time of the artist’s death, this AIDS-era love story is frank and poignant in the simplicity of its notepad animation.

Ex voto

Ex voto 1989

An extremely obscure minute-long short by the Brothers Quay in 1989. Animation appears to be done in 'Cutout' style, is abstract and plotless - more a moving painting than anything else. Featured on the 'Inner Sanctums' blu-ray boxset featuring a vast collection of shorts by the Quay brothers.

The Festival of Claymation

The Festival of Claymation 1987

A sampler of the work of Will Vinton's animation using clay figures, including the shorts "Dinosaur," "The Great Cognito," "A Christmas Gift," and "Vanz Kant Danz."

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot

The Elf and the Robot is the the magical tale of a mischievous little toy who escapes from his box before Christmas morning. How will Santa's little helper manage to get him back in?



A 3D animated short about a community of park pigeons and old men, who come together and help one of their own get through a great loss.